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                                1. USD


                                  Scheduled Shipments

                                  Updated: 2/18/2020

                                  Scheduled shipments can be used to break an order up into multiple future shipments. Scheduling allows you to take advantage of better price breaks on products you purchase regularly, avoid keeping an abundance of product in your facility, and save yourself the time of placing the same order repeatedly.


                                  If you are logged in and your cart contains a product, a "Schedule Shipments" link will appear under cart tools. Clicking on this link will bring you to the "Scheduled Shipments" page.

                                  Image of Cart Tools Schedulded Shipments section

                                  Schedule Shipments

                                  3d只选一注天天中You'll initially land on a view of your cart with additional columns for Scheduled Quantity, In House Date, and Value

                                  Image of Schedule Shipments Step 1

                                  To schedule a line item, enter the desired quantity for a shipment and the date you'd like that shipment to be delivered. Once these are filled, the option to add another shipment for that line item will display.

                                  Image of Schedule Shipments Step 2

                                  To remove a shipment, click on the delete icon next to the scheduled quantity.

                                  Image of Schedule Shipments Step 3

                                  The release summary provides a view of the products and quantities of each that will ship for each delivery date.

                                  Image of Schedule Shipments Step 4


                                  3d只选一注天天中Pricing is based on the volume of an entire purchase. Any partial cancellation of a schedule may be subject to a rebilling or cancellation fee.

                                  Delay Entire Order

                                  To delay an order for a single future delivery date, you can click "Delay Entire Order" under cart tools.

                                  Image of Cart Tools Delay Entire Order section

                                  3d只选一注天天中A pop-up modal will display asking you to select the date you'd like the order to be delivered.

                                  Image of Delay Entire Order

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