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                1. USD

                  Quality PCBs

                  3d只选一注天天中Get quotes on bare boards from multiple board houses at the same time!

                  Try the Digi-Key PCB tool. Review available materials, capabilities, and pricing from various board houses. Upload a Gerber file and make a few selections to place a custom PCB order.

                  Try the PCB Tool

                  A gerber file that you upload to our system, is your intellectual property. No one else will have access to it besides Digi-Key and the manufacturer that will do your production work.

                  About the PCB Builder Service

                  Build your bare PCB board through Digi-Key by uploading Gerber files, comparing different board house offers, and placing orders through secure checkouts.

                  • PCB Services
                  • How to Order
                  • Communicating with Suppliers
                  • Turn-around and Shipping Times
                  PCB Services

                  Whether you are looking for a simple estimate or wanting to have your bare board built, our online PCB builder tool is intuitive and easy to use. We function as your ambassador in the marketplace and help you build your PCB board by gathering your requirements, comparing pricing from different board houses, and having your bare board built and shipped to you.

                  3d只选一注天天中Digi-Key produces high-quality bare printed circuit boards, focused on the needs of prototyping, hobby design, and light production.

                  PCB Services

                  Ordering a PCB through Digi-Key is easy: Simply use our online PCB Builder tool to upload Gerber files, review your board in a PCB viewer, select a bid from a board house, and follow the standard Digi-Key checkout process.

                  PCB Services

                  If the board house has any questions with your order, they will contact you via the Digi-Key website. All communication with the board house will be conducted on the “Review Order” page related to the order. An email notification will be sent when a message is waiting for you.

                  PCB Services

                  Turnaround time is the time required for the board house to fulfill the needs and requirements necessary to build your order. Ship time is the time required to ship the finished product to you via your chosen shipping method.

                  Register Today

                  Although registration isn't required to place Digi-Key orders, IT IS a requirement to place a PCB order. You can get a general PCB estimate as a guest. Digi-Key offers a number of additional tools and options to customers who are registered.


                  Digi-Key's tools are uniquely paired with access to Digi-Key's inventory of large selections of electronic components to help you meet your design challenges head-on. We are committed to offering you PCB tools to help you take your designs to the next level.

                  Our Partners

                  Our PCB partners draw on years of successful execution from vendor, prototyping, and manufacturing services.

                  • Royal Circuits
                  • Precision
                  • Sunshine Global Circuit
                  • Advanced Circuits

                  Royal Circuits Solutions

                  3d只选一注天天中For 25 years, Royal Circuits has been manufacturing high quality quick-turn prototype PCBs—for thousands of engineers worldwide. Their engineering and production teams have extensive manufacturing expertise and all boards are built to IPC spec.

                  3d只选一注天天中As a stamp of quality, every order goes through a comprehensive DFM check and every board will be electrically Netlist tested—at no charge. They also strive to be a green manufacturer by recycling their water and running an energy-efficient facility.

                  Royal Circuits Solutions Location

                  Royal Circuits Solutions
                  21 Hamilton Court,
                  Hollister, CA 95023

                  Precision PCBs

                  Precision is a California manufacturer and provider of manufacturing services. Their market is the OEM community in need of low-cost, high-quality electronic manufacturing services.

                  Their local manufacturing supports prototype and small runs; their Asia facility supports moderate- and high-volume manufacturing.

                  Their local team has decades of experience manufacturing printed circuit boards and assembling electronic systems. They have particular strength in component selection, and over 30 years managing Asia-based manufacturing services.

                  Precision PCBs Location

                  Precision PCBs
                  1489 Poinsettia Ave. #135
                  Vista, CA, 92081

                  Shenzhen Global Circuits

                  What differentiates SGC from other PCB companies?

                  SGC is a publicly listed company with financial strength and stability.

                  SGC strategy is focused on high-mix, medium-volume requirements across a wide range of markets, including industrial, power/energy, telecom, medical, and automotive.

                  SGC has facilities or offices in Asia, Europe, and North America, and the international management team has tremendous knowledge and experience in the industry.

                  SGC has distinguished itself through its focus on technology, innovation, and global presence, and often receives awards and praise for excellent quality, service, and value.

                  Shenzhen Global Circuits Location

                  Shenzhen Global Circuits
                  Building B, Shangxing #2 Industrial Zone,
                  Shajing, BaoAn, Shenzhen China

                  Advanced Circuits

                  3d只选一注天天中As the 3rd-largest printed circuit board manufacturer in the US, Advanced Circuits prides themselves on their excellent customer service and reliability. They also offer exclusive services to help customers with their PCB Projects. Check out their free PCB layout software, PCB Artist, and their free PCB file check, FreeDFM. Advanced Circuits wants to make your life easier with their printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly capability.

                  Advanced Circuits Location

                  Advanced Circuits
                  21101 E. 32nd Pkwy.
                  Aurora, CO 80011

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