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                                  1. USD

                                    Digi‑Key IoT – Delivering the Future - Today

                                    Internet of Things (IoT) Resource Center

                                    The Internet of Things (IoT) is fueling innovation in nearly every part of our lives. Simply connecting the “things” that were never connected before is leading to new data insights that translate into meaningful change. With the potential of billions of new connected things bringing a tidal wave of new data, businesses want a better grasp of expected ROI, cost, and scalability, while IT managers struggle with integration, interoperability, and management concerns. Our objective is to provide our engineering community and suppliers a path to their solutions. Read More »

                                    3d只选一注天天中IoT is a mega technology trend that will not only be an endurance test for legacy systems but will also shape the fate of small and big companies in many different industries. Estimates are for 50 billion IoT connected devices by 2020 and 100 billion by 2025. There are a multitude of companies and proposed network solutions. We, at Digi-Key, are committed to helping our customers navigate the plethora of choices and find the best solutions for their applications or use-cases.

                                    In an effort to accelerate IoT adoption by our customers, Digi-Key continues to offer the latest and greatest IoT-relevant products and services. IoT products span many different categories, including hardware, software and cloud & connectivity services. We are working hard to bring together and bundle these products and services in meaningful ways that integrate into more complete solutions. « Show Less


                                    Integrated Solutions

                                    Intelligent Buildings

                                    • Home automation
                                    • Alarm systems
                                    • Smoke detectors


                                    • Wearables
                                    • Clinical remote monitoring (assisted living)

                                    Smart City

                                    • Parking sensors
                                    • Traffic management
                                    • Waste management
                                    • Manhole status reporting
                                    • Smart lighting

                                    3d只选一注天天中Agriculture & Environment

                                    • Livestock tracking
                                    • Autonomous vehicles
                                    • Soil monitoring
                                    • Irrigation control
                                    • Weather conditions
                                    • Air pollution


                                    • Factory automation
                                    • M2M applications
                                    • Remote monitoring
                                    • Hazardous materials


                                    • Electricity, gas and water metering
                                    • Smart grid


                                    • Asset tracking
                                    • Fleet monitoring


                                    • Corporate Property monitoring
                                    • IT Server Room Status
                                    Integrated Solutions Cityscape

                                    Featured Products

                                    Interesting Content



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