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                              2. USD
                                • Preferred Supplier

                                CUI Inc.

                                Image of CUI's Internal AC-DC

                                Internal AC-DC

                                Compact & efficient internal ac-dc power supplies from CUI offer board mount, chassis mount and DIN rail styles, with power ranging from 1 to 550 W.

                                Image of CUI's External AC-DC

                                External AC-DC

                                3d只选一注天天中CUI’s diverse selection of wall plug-in and desktop adapters offer a full suite of safety approvals, high efficiency and 3 to 250 W of power.

                                Image of CUI's DC-DC


                                The 1000+ model range of CUI’s dc-dc converters offers economical low power solutions as well as robust high-power dc-dc modules, with power options from 1 to 600 W.

                                Tools and Support

                                Featured Videos

                                VOF Chassis Mount Power Supply Expansion Series | Datasheet Preview
                                CUI IEC 62368-1 Adapters | Digi-Key Daily
                                CUI's High Density Medical VMS Series | Digi-Key Daily
                                CUI VGS-B Metal Case AC-DC Power Supplies | Digi-Key Daily
                                View All

                                Recent PTMs

                                5 minutes
                                High Efficiency Switching DC Regulators
                                Available configurations, advantages versus linear regulators, key specifications, and possible applications for CUI's high efficiency switching DC regulators.
                                5 minutes
                                Low Power DC-DC Converters
                                Provides an economical and reliable means of converting and/or isolating DC rails within a distributed power system for a variety of applications.
                                5 minutes
                                Encapsulated AC/DC Power Supply Series
                                This presentation will provide an overview of CUI’s encapsulated AC/DC power supply family, including a summary of available models, features, and target applications.
                                10 minutes
                                Power Supply Safety Standards, Agencies and Marks
                                Reviewing the power supply international safety standards, the major agencies, and regional safety marks.
                                5 minutes
                                DC-DC Converters for Renewable Energy Applications
                                This is an overview of CUI’s AE series of wide input DC-DC converters, including their benefits, features, and use in renewable energy applications
                                10 minutes
                                Medical Power Supplies and the IEC 60601-1 Medical Design Standards
                                Overview of the IEC 60601-1 medical design standards as well as an introduction to CUI's line of internal and external certified products for this line.
                                View All

                                About CUI Inc.

                                Since 1989, CUI has focused on improving the way power products are purchased now and, in the future, while also improving the experience for the design engineer. Along with unparalleled customer service and a variety of power resources, CUI also provides a diverse range of ac-dc power supplies, dc-dc converters, and power filters.

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