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                                      1. USD
                                        • Preferred Supplier

                                        Diodes Incorporated

                                        Image of Diodes' AP6535x/45x DC/DC Buck Converter

                                        AP6535x/AP6545x DC-DC Buck Converter

                                        3d只选一注天天中Diodes' AP65352/3 and AP65453/4 are adaptive constant on-time (aCOT) mode synchronous buck converters.

                                        Image of Diodes' AP7380 LDO

                                        AP7380 Low Dropout Regulator

                                        3d只选一注天天中Diodes' AP7380 low dropout regulator's wide input voltage range micro-power 150 mA LDO extends operating life.

                                        Image of Diodes' BCR40xU LED Drivers

                                        BCR40xU LED Drivers

                                        Diodes' BCR40xU constant current regulators provide a simple means of driving low current LED strips and panels in commercial and industrial lighting sectors.

                                        Tools and Support

                                        Featured Videos

                                        Diodes Automotive-Compliant MOSFETs | Digi-Key Daily
                                        Diodes AL3353 IC | Digi-Key Daily
                                        Diodes Low Dropout Regulators | Digi-Key Daily
                                        Diodes BCR4xxUQ Series LED Current Regulators | Digi-Key Daily
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                                        Recent PTMs

                                        5 minutes
                                        How to Select an Appropriate LDO
                                        Diodes' wide variety of low dropout regulators spans a large variety of input voltages, load currents, and package types.
                                        5 minutes
                                        How to Select an Appropriate Gate Driver
                                        This PTM will be covering three main areas that include; Selection and Design-in Criteria, Key External Component Selection, and Optimal Layout Considerations.
                                        5 minutes
                                        Timing Solutions
                                        Diodes Incorporated has a full portfolio of frequency control products.
                                        10 minutes
                                        USB Switch
                                        Pericom offers a broad portfolio of USB switches specifically designed to enable a range of applications to achieve single port connectivity.
                                        10 minutes
                                        PCIe and USB3 ReDriver/Repeater
                                        ReDrivers can allow use of thinner/smaller gauge cables, since the signals are actively boosted prior to the cable connector.
                                        5 minutes
                                        PCIe UART Solutions
                                        The industry's most integrated and highest performing PCIe URAT endpoint solution, provide an upward migration path while reducing board space and BOM costs.
                                        View All

                                        About Diodes Incorporated

                                        Diodes Incorporated delivers high-quality semiconductor products to the world’s leading companies in the consumer electronics, computing, communications, industrial, and automotive markets. They leverage their expanded product portfolio of discrete, analog, and mixed-signal products and leading-edge packaging technology to meet customers’ needs. Their broad range of application-specific solutions and solutions-focused sales, coupled with worldwide operations of 25 sites, including engineering, testing, manufacturing, and customer service, enables us to be a premier provider for high-volume, high-growth markets.

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