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                                Image of Littelfuse's Product Everywhere, Every Day

                                Littelfuse Product Everywhere, Every Day

                                3d只选一注天天中Many of the products you use every day contain Littelfuse products. They’re an integral part of smart phones, kitchen appliances, automotive electronics, HVAC, water/wastewater, energy, transportation, and beyond.

                                Image of Littelfuse's Power Semiconductors

                                Power Semiconductor - Silicon Carbide (SiC)

                                Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices in power electronics feature fast switching times, high blocking voltage capabilities, and the ability to operate at high temperatures.

                                Image of Littelfuse's Magnetic Temperature Sensors

                                Magnetic & Temperature Sensors – Reed, NTC, RTD

                                Littelfuse's selection of magnetic sensors includes reed switches, reed sensors, Hall Effect sensors, and reed relays, as well as bare and packaged magnetic actuators.

                                Tools and Support

                                Featured Videos

                                SiC MOSFET and IGBT Driver 9 A Peak Output – IX4351NE | Datasheet Preview
                                Littelfuse Battery Protection ZCASE® Fuses | Digi-Key Daily
                                How Do Arc-Flash Relays Work?
                                setP Demo: How to Prevent USB Type-C plugs From Overheating
                                View All

                                Recent PTMs

                                10 minutes
                                Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) for Industrial Applications
                                Littelfuse's surge protection devices protect equipment from transient overvoltage and are offered in multiple pole versions for all types of distribution systems.
                                5 minutes
                                Resistance Temperature Detectors
                                Introduction of the Littelfuse thin film platinum resistance temperature detectors
                                10 minutes
                                Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Charging Solutions
                                Littelfuse offers a broad array of solutions for AC and DC types of electric vehicle charging stations.
                                5 minutes
                                Sensing and Reliability Solutions for IoT Control Units
                                This presentation will illustrate how a smart thermostat can be used in an IoT Control Unit.
                                5 minutes
                                Thermally Protected MOVs - TMOVs
                                An introduction to basic operation, electrical characteristics, product portfolio, features and benefits, and applications for TMOVs.
                                20 minutes
                                Top 5 Design Considerations
                                This presentation will provide the top five criteria to consider when performing a protection need analysis for Network or Telecommunication interface.
                                View All

                                About Littelfuse

                                Littelfuse products are vital components in applications that use electrical energy, from consumer electronics to vehicles and industrial facilities. They offer the industry’s broadest and deepest portfolio of circuit protection products, with growing platforms in power control and sensing. They are expanding into adjacent markets as part of their corporate strategy of accelerated organic growth and strategic acquisitions. These markets include power semiconductors, heavy-duty switches, magnetic, optical, electromechanical, and temperature sensors; and products that provide safe control and distribution of electrical power.

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